Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Activity attendance : Chris Herren

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The picture on the left I found on Google of a close-up of Chris Herren speaking to a different school.
The picture on the right was taken by myself , it is not very clear because I had to sit far in the back. 

On Wednesday April 2nd at 8 pm , I went to the event by a speaker named Chris Herren in Roberts Hall auditorium. Herren was an all star basketball player that played for Fresno State,Boston College,the Denver Nuggets, then the  the Boston Celtics but was then kicked off from all of these teams due to substance abuse during his entire basketball career. Chances after chances were given until Chris lost his future, family , and many friends. Chris Herren's famous line was "it started with red solo cups and blunts". This speech was very inspirational being a student in college because drugs and alcohol are relevant to many students. It was eye opening to see the amount of people that went and the amount of people that are affected by alcohol and drugs in their daily lives. I feel that Herren's organization called "Project Purple" is a great way to get people involved and to spread the awareness that so many people are suffering from alcohol and drug addictions.  

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