Friday, January 31, 2014

How does perspective change the way you "see" yourself ?

How does perspective change the way you "see" yourself ?
  Perspective changes the way I see myself because I feel that people , including myself don't always see themselves for who they really are. A picture is worth a thousand words whether it's a silly one laughing with your friend or a family wedding. Appearance is a big key in today's society and I feel as though certain perspectives portray certain emotions and expressions. 

   In class today we were asked to have someone take pictures of ourselves in different perspectives such as bird's eye view , worm's eye view , mystery view , your own eye view ,and a surprise view. I chose to upload two of the five options by using bird's eye view which is a general view from above. I also chose to do the mystery view which is an image that my classmate took from the side.

  The first picture I chose to upload was called bird's eye view. In this picture I am in a crouched position holding a piece of paper that could possibly be homework. I am hiding my face from the camera with my hood up. The way I am looking down shows that I'm not really interested in the homework and that I could be tired of what I'm doing. The placement of my hands shows the emotions of either being sad or upset. 

    The second image of myself was a surprise view where I hid my reflection holding a piece of paper to hide my face. My posture in the picture is standing straight up. I feel this possibly shows the energy in me that I wanted to take the picture.My face being hidden doesn't show my expressions or emotions. The background was blank as well as the paper.

    To conclude , from the photos of me you can see how perspective changed the view of how myself and others see myself. Taking pictures at different angles help me see myself  and how I wouldn't actually see things in that perspective/angle. 
Bird's eye view ^ 

Surprise view ^ 



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Assignment #2 - Visual Analysis Painting

In   The oil painting called ''Olympia" by  Edouard Manet the image displays evidence of objects, emotions, eye-grabbing images, and reasoning as to why these appear in the portrait. The image is basically black and white with a small focus of color. The biggest focal point of the image is of a naked woman sitting on either a couch or bed covering her body parts. Her body seems to be the main focus due to her nudity and the fact that she seems more powerful with a semi- visual black man next to her that is catering her with flowers. The image discretely  shows the black mans face along with a black cat resting on her bed. The background of the image is pretty empty and appears to show a small amount of detail to the background which is mostly just plain wallpaper.

 The image displays many details such as a naked woman with a black person serving her flowers making the image feeling uncomfortable because of the fact that she's naked leading you to believe that she is superior than the man catering to her. The eye grabbing image was the flower in the woman's hair and the flowers in the man's hands because the rest of the color in the image is mostly black and white. The images that grab my attention the most is the obvious fact that she is naked and the flower in her hair due to the colors used in the portrait. The small details in the background draw the viewer to the naked woman and flower in her hair. 

The woman's facial expressions is kind of staring off into the distance and the man is staring at her with a surprised look, (possibly to why she is naked.) The woman has a stern expression on her face and looks semi-angry.The overall feelings I receive from this image is uncomfortable because she is naked and she seems to not care that anyone sees her that way. I came to this conclusion because of the image on the black mans face and the very non-detailed background. 

To conclude ,images such as this one drew a conclusion that the woman in power seems to be the naked one. The naked woman's powerful and stern expression proves that when in power things seem to be eye- grabbing and emotional. 

"Olympia and Venus of Urbino Together at Last." Weblog post. The History Blog RSS. N.p., 28 Feb. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

How do you use online photography?

I use online photography through several social media sites such as Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter. On these account I am friends and followers of many people that I associate with. I post many pictures of myself, family, friends , food, and activities that I do for fun . Pictures such as my trip to Ireland are posted on each site. On Facebook , I have albums of memories and events throughout my life. Instagram and Twitter are mostly pictures of myself,events or activities that I attend. 
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